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Septic System Inspections

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Looking for a Septic Inspector?
We perform residential septic system inspections for current homeowners and prospective real estate purchasers. An onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system, or what is more commonly referred to as a Septic System, may be the most expensive single component of your home. Therefore, if you want to save yourself some trouble in the future it's crucial that you know its condition and routinely have it checked.

Getting a septic inspection provides you with information about the septic system components and their current operating conditions.
Some local municipalities and New Jersey state regulations require a professional residential septic system inspection before completion. Murphy's certified and licensed inspectors will inspect your residential septic system thoroughly and make the process quick and painless.

Our inspections typically take about 2 hours though it is important to note every system is different and finding the components, exposing them, and dealing with any issues that may arise can take varied amounts of time. Your residential septic inspection report can be ready within 24 hours. We do not perform repairs in an effort to prevent conflict of interest in that area.
Our Customers
An onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system, or Septic System, may be the most expensive component of your home. For home sellers, a pre-listing inspection can ensure that there are no surprises once the home is put on the market.
Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make, so you want to avoid any surprises after you purchase the home. For new prospective buyers and/or investors, inspection results can help you decide if the home is right for you.
No Conflict of Interest
Feel confident choosing Murphy's Septic Inspections. Buying or selling, we do not offer any type of septic repair work so you do not have to worry about Murphy's finding problems that don't exist. Don't hesitate to reach out to us regarding any questions or concerns.
Areas Served
Atlantic, Bergen, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Essex, Gloucester, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Salem, Somerset, Sussex, Union, & Warren Counties
With over 5 years of experience in residential septic system inspection, Murphy's Septic Inspection goes above and beyond to make your residential inspection quick and easy. Our friendly and knowledgable inspectors follow the reporting standards of the NJ DEP. We are happy to offer accurate and unbiased recommendations on advanced services and have access to a network of industry professionals who can help prolong your system's life. Schedule your free consultation today with one of our friendly inspectors.
Need a Home Septic Inspection?
Murphy's Can Be There!
Murphy Septic Inspection, LLC is a member of the National Association of Wastewater Technicians or NAWT. All of our septic inspections are performed in strict conformance to the NAWT’s Inspection Standards by certified NAWT inspectors. Due to these high standards, these specifications have been described by many as the Industry Standard for an on-lot residential septic system inspection in New Jersey and around the nation.
A comprehensive septic inspection provides you with valuable information about the present condition of the system, however, it is important to note that it is not a warranty that guarantees that the system will function properly for any period in the future. All of our expert residential septic system inspectors are highly trained and certified to inspect, identify problems and provide solutions. Reach out to see why Murphy is the right choice.